The Industry Leader in Ceramic Filters

Ceramic Filter Alliance (CFA) is the exclusive partner of the industry leader in ceramic filter elements, ClearEdge.

Our joint mission is by working together, we offer the highest quality Cerafil ceramic filter elements with a superior level of service and support to our growing client base.

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Product Range

The Cerafil™ range of filters are by far, the most installed filters in the market, with over 30 years of experience. While Clear Edge the pioneer of the technology, Cerafil ceramic filter elements deliver unrivalled long-term performance, providing the backbone to one of the fastest growing air pollution control technologies in the world today.

Cerafil™ XS Series

Non-Catalytic Ceramic Filter elements delivering 99.99% dust filtration efficiency

Cerafil™ GR Series

Non-Catalytic Biodegradable Ceramic Filter Elements delivering 99.99% dust filtration efficiency

Cerafil™ TK and TKL Series

Catalytic Ceramic Filter elements for multi-pollutant reduction including PM, NOx, SOx, VOCs and Dioxins

Ceramic Filters Benefits

Ceramic Filters are fast becoming the go-to solution for multi-pollutant control for a wide range of industries around the world. The ability to provide multi-pollutant reduction within a small, modular design is unrivalled with conventional technology. Ceramic Filters are proven to deliver the highest levels of performance for all major air-borne pollutants and can be integrated within most industrial processes to provide low risk cost-effective performance.


Ceramic Filters can be applied to most industrial manufacturing processes to meet the highest levels of emission reductions required. They can be implemented within new systems, both for greenfield and brownfield applications. They can also be used to retrofit existing baghouses & ESP’s, providing huge cost and footprint advantages, while converting your existing system to achieve the highest levels of multi-pollutant control.

All-in-One, All Dry, Modular-based multi-pollutant control system

Capable of providing 99.99% reduction for submicron PM removal at temperatures between 150C to 900C (300F to 1650F)

Converting your existing PM technology to achieve NOx and SOx removal >90%


Cerafil are the unrivalled leader in Ceramic Filters worldwide, and are trusted by major industries and clients to deliver continuous, high performance and low risk emissions control. A growing number of industries are joining the movement to consider Ceramic Filters as Best Available Control Technology (BACT), reinforcing the reputation as the leader in high performance emissions control.
Glass & Ceramics
Cement, Lime & Aggregates
Mining & Minerals
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Stationary Diesel Engines
Carbon Capture & Storage
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